This is just one of a series of humorous vignettes for Meyers cookware shot in the studio on a white cyc.
Recent Projects

SimonPearce from Steve Davy on Vimeo.

Shot with the Red camera, this project required 5 locations in one day while keeping a low profile on city streets and in congested environments.
 Photographing clear glass cleanly is always challenging.
This project required that we fly to Chicago and shoot a series of interviews, city B-roll and man-on-the-street interviews. They wanted a very active, dynamic look in the commercial downtown area.
Polished steel on black cookware with curved lids presented a lighting challenge. Shot with the HDX900 on a minijib for Meyers.
Below are a series of recent video projects presented in their whole final lengths.
This one is a three screen display for Sprint. It was designed to play continuously on large monitors at a trade show. Shot with the HDX900 very early in the morning in front of the Golden Gate bridge. It is without sound.